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Breaking Barriers is a diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging podcast (DEI&B) that’s all about having raw conversations. Companies have been “using” diversity as a buzzword to distract from the truth. 

DEI&B isn’t something you do. Your business is either living this stuff or it’s not. 

With our guests, we will talk about the real issues that create barriers to a diverse, equitable, inclusive culture where people feel like they belong.

Whether you are a Small business, Enterprise, or community Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging are the keys to your success. Our DEI&B podcast is energetic and fun. 

Our show is centered around where our expert guests lead the conversation. We are the guides on your DEI Journey. If you want a newscast show, this ain’t the Diversity podcast for you. If you want real talk, and honest solutions that inspire you to take real actions that lead to change, then we got you!


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Changing Business, Ending The Performance of DEI&B: S01 E12

In this episode of Breaking Barriers, co-hosts Anthony Arrington and Nick Ford welcomes Heather Schott, the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Krause Group, the parent company for a ...diverse set of businesses that include convenience retail, logistics, Italian wineries, and hospitality, real estate, agriculture, and soccer clubs. A native of Des Moines, Iowa, Heather holds two undergraduate degrees in mathematics and business from Morningside College and a Diversity Inclusion Leader certificate from The Conference Board.

During the conversation, they discuss the importance of considering intent versus impact in marketing to diverse populations and avoiding tokenism. Heather, a self-described LGBTQ human, is riveting as she talks about her lived experience. A proud mother of two, she opens up about one of her main whys for the diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging work —her adopted children and the custody battles she had all the way up to the Iowa Supreme Court.

Heather provides valuable insight into today’s global debate on transgender humans in sports and whether they should only be able to participate in organized sports with the group defined by their assigned sex at birth. They emphasize that the voice of many can influence change. While underserved populations have differences, they are all fighting the same battle for equality and have a powerful impact when working together. Heather gives the example of how Black transgender humans have been at the forefront of transgender activism in America.

In educating listeners on the value of proximity and getting to know people before judging them, Heather tells the story of her 80-year-old neighbor who had initial trepidation when first learning about Heather’s family structure. However, after getting to know Heather and having some of the best conversations with each other, her neighbor learned that “LGBTQ people like power tools too”—and they have a great friendship.

The speakers emphasize the importance of identifying the root causes of issues through the voice of the people and then driving development that all employees can utilize to foster the right culture and inclusion. When she started at Krause, Heather informed her leadership team that this work was not a solo effort and that participation as a team was crucial for sustainability. She aimed to disrupt conventional thinking, challenge the status quo, and ensure the work was sustainable, with the team propelling it, not just her.

The speakers then discussed how organizations could best integrate DEI&B into their culture and training programs. They suggested that the first step is to establish a strong partnership with the talent development team and observe how DEI&B is embedded in the culture on a daily basis. They cautioned against attempting to resolve problems through training, surveys, and other initiatives without first identifying the root causes of the issues.

To do this, organizations must examine underlying issues, such as power dynamics, biases, and disparities in resource access. By comprehending these root causes, organizations can devise more effective and lasting solutions. Want to connect: Send your DEI&B questions to,

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“Diversity Straight Up” hosts Sarika Bhakta and Anthony Arrington dig into the topics of equity, diversity, inclusion and engagement (EDI&E) through authentic and challenging conversations with C-suite leaders. Expect frank questions and honest answers, and real-life lessons on how to leverage diversity as an asset, rather than see it as a liability.

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