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Breaking Barriers is a diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging podcast (DEI&B) that’s all about having raw conversations. Companies have been “using” diversity as a buzzword to distract from the truth. 

DEI&B isn’t something you do. Your business is either living this stuff or it’s not. 

With our guests, we will talk about the real issues that create barriers to a diverse, equitable, inclusive culture where people feel like they belong.

Whether you are a Small business, Enterprise, or community Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging are the keys to your success. Our DEI&B podcast is energetic and fun. 

Our show is centered around where our expert guests lead the conversation. We are the guides on your DEI Journey. If you want a newscast show, this ain’t the Diversity podcast for you. If you want real talk, and honest solutions that inspire you to take real actions that lead to change, then we got you!


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Educational and Systemic Revolution

About the Guest:
Jasmine Briscoe is a young, driven professional making her mark from Iowa all the way to New York City. They graduated with an IB diploma from the first ...
International Baccalaureate program in Waterloo, Iowa, and moved on to attend NYU as an MLK scholar, majoring in psychology and sociocultural analysis with a concentration in intersectionality. They now work in public health research, focusing on vaccine hesitancy in historically underserved groups and advocating for equitable healthcare, especially for the black and queer communities.

Episode Summary:
In this candid conversation, "Breaking Barriers" welcomes the remarkable Jasmine Briscoe, for a discussion on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. The episode delves deep into Jasmine's experiences as a young, Black, queer individual navigating challenges and achieving milestones both academically and professionally.

Jasmine opens up about their journey of self-discovery during their educational pursuits at NYU, acknowledging the influence of Black queer feminist writers on her identity development. Moving from Iowa to the throes of New York, they have transitioned into a career focused on public health — a cause close to their heart. They discuss the commitment to advancing mental health access for marginalized groups, especially within the Black LGBTQ community. The episode also highlights the systemic roadblocks faced by queer individuals and the importance of inclusive policy-making, drawing attention to the intersectionality of diverse liberation struggles.

Key Takeaways:
*The fusion of personal identity and professional purpose in Jasmine's journey from a student in Iowa to a public health researcher in New York.

*The significance of representation in literature and education for the self-affirmation of Black, queer individuals.

*The impact of systemic discrimination against transgender and queer people, especially concerning anti-trans legislation.

*The necessity of queer liberation being acknowledged as intertwined with broader social justice movements.

*The role of generational advocacy and education in dismantling homophobic and transphobic ideologies.

Notable Quotes:
"Homophobia is a colonial import… and the black community specifically being homophobic, I feel like, is a lot of times to have more proximity towards whiteness, more proximity to power."

"Queer liberation is something that undercurrents all of these different liberation struggles."

"Queer people are going to exist whether or not you like it. And that's just what it is. You have to get on board or go home."

"I always knew that that was the end goal. And what exactly increasing mental health access for the black queer community looked like, I didn't really know what that path would take until I got into undergrad…"

"It's super important to be able to see yourself reflected in those writings."

No explicit resources or URLs were mentioned during the conversation.
Encourage your curiosity and broaden your horizons by listening to the full episode featuring Jasmine Briscoe. Join us as we navigate the intricacies of identity, advocacy, and the power of representation. Stay tuned for more thought-provoking content from "Breaking Barriers."

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