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Breaking Barriers is a diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging podcast (DEI&B) that’s all about having raw conversations. Companies have been “using” diversity as a buzzword to distract from the truth. 

DEI&B isn’t something you do. Your business is either living this stuff or it’s not. 

With our guests, we will talk about the real issues that create barriers to a diverse, equitable, inclusive culture where people feel like they belong.

Whether you are a Small business, Enterprise, or community Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging are the keys to your success. Our DEI&B podcast is energetic and fun. 

Our show is centered around where our expert guests lead the conversation. We are the guides on your DEI Journey. If you want a newscast show, this ain’t the Diversity podcast for you. If you want real talk, and honest solutions that inspire you to take real actions that lead to change, then we got you!


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Lack of Funding and Heart Hinders Black Players in Baseball

About The Guest(s):

*Preston Wilson: Former professional baseball player who played 10 seasons in the major leagues, won the World Series in 2006, and was an All-Star in 2003.
*Ray Burris: Former ...
professional baseball player who played 15 years in the big leagues and is currently involved in developing young athletes.
*Michael Tucker: Former professional baseball player who played 13 years in the big leagues and is now focused on helping young kids through camps and clinics.
*Marcus Nettles: Former college baseball player and current state trooper in Illinois. He runs the Marcus Nettles Project, a foundation that helps the community, youth, and police.


Former professional baseball players Preston Wilson, Ray Burris, Michael Tucker, and Marcus Nettles discuss the lack of African American representation in baseball and the challenges faced by Black players. They highlight the importance of money and resources in increasing diversity in the sport, as well as the need for more Black coaches and mentors. They were authentic about Major League Baseball’s systemic strategy of recruiting Latine players for pennies on the dollar, which has a disparate impact on American born Black players who are not seen, recruited, and drafted. The conversation also touches on the role of ownership in driving change and the need for long-term investment in Black communities. The guests emphasize the importance of building relationships and providing support to young Black athletes to help them succeed in baseball and beyond.

Key Takeaways:

*Lack of financial support and scholarships for Black baseball players has contributed to the decline in African American representation in the sport.
*The scarcity of Black coaches and mentors in baseball limits opportunities and development for Black players.
*Ownership changes and increased investment in Black communities are needed to drive diversity and inclusion in baseball.
*Building relationships and providing resources and support to young *Black athletes is crucial for their success in baseball and beyond.

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“Diversity Straight Up” hosts Sarika Bhakta and Anthony Arrington dig into the topics of equity, diversity, inclusion and engagement (EDI&E) through authentic and challenging conversations with C-suite leaders. Expect frank questions and honest answers, and real-life lessons on how to leverage diversity as an asset, rather than see it as a liability.

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