It is critical that organizations understand the foundation of DEI&B, how these four pillars resonate on a personal and professional level and are willing from the collective to invest the moral energy and resources necessary to create a transformative culture that weaves DEI&B throughout the fabric of the organization. By developing this type of culture, organizations can then navigate the best path to locating and retaining quality, diverse talent in a welcoming environment in today’s challenging labor market.

About Us

Top RANK is an executive search & diversity consulting firm, founded in 2018, headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We are unapologetically passionate about collaborating with you to influence positive change in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging principles (DEI&B) throughout the fabric of your organization.

We provide authentic, facilitated DEI&B solutions that are tailored for your organizational objectives while always keeping the collective in mind. We closely partner with organizations to better understand their workforce culture through the lens of their people. With this knowledge in hand, Top RANK assesses organizations and helps identify the appropriate solutions that will best influence change and impact business.

Your Top RANK leadership team strives to be an extension of our partners navigating today’s challenging labor market. Connect with a Top RANK team member today.

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