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Breaking Barriers is a diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging podcast (DEI&B) that’s all about having raw conversations. Companies have been “using” diversity as a buzzword to distract from the truth. 

DEI&B isn’t something you do. Your business is either living this stuff or it’s not. 

With our guests, we will talk about the real issues that create barriers to a diverse, equitable, inclusive culture where people feel like they belong.

Whether you are a Small business, Enterprise, or community Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging are the keys to your success. Our DEI&B podcast is energetic and fun. 

Our show is centered around where our expert guests lead the conversation. We are the guides on your DEI Journey. If you want a newscast show, this ain’t the Diversity podcast for you. If you want real talk, and honest solutions that inspire you to take real actions that lead to change, then we got you!


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Finding Common Ground: Strategies for Productive Conversations

About our Guest:

Kameron Middlebrooks is a highly driven individual dedicated to advocating for civil rights and social change. His career began when he served as a youth representative on the ...
NAACP board of directors before transitioning to a leading role within the organization. Kameron has a rich history of organizing and mobilizing communities, including registering over 15,000 voters during his tenure. He has previously worked for Barack Obama's Campaign. Currently, he serves as the Field Director for the Reform Alliance in Iowa, where he is focused on transforming the supervision system within the American justice system and has played a pivotal role in passing transformative legislation.

Episode Summary:

In this enlightening episode, hosts Anthony Arrington and Joy Briscoe engage in an insightful discussion with Kameron Middlebrooks about his work with the Reform Alliance, the importance of community safety, and the path to changing the criminal justice system. Kam shares his journey from early days with the NAACP to his current role, highlighting the significance of building coalitions and engaging in deliberate conversations to address public safety and reform in the justice system.

The discussion navigates through the political landscape of Iowa, emphasizing the necessity of bipartisan support to implement meaningful change. Kam outlines the innovative approach employed by the Reform Alliance to incentivize positive behavior and reduce recidivism among those on probation, detailing a bill with the potential to drastically impact the lives of thousands of Iowans positively.

Key Takeaways:

*The Reform Alliance focuses on transforming the supervision system in America and aims to pass legislation to aid in effective criminal justice reform.

*No permanent friends, no permanent enemies, only permanent issues: Staying mission-focused helps in bridging ideological divides in policy work.

*Coalition building and engaging both sides of the political aisle are crucial strategies for driving legislative change, especially in states like Iowa.
Education and workforce development are often used as alternative angles to discuss criminal justice reform, highlighting common goals across different political spectrums.

*Meek Mill's case was a catalyst for the formation of Reform Alliance, emphasizing the disparity within the justice system, even for the affluent and influential.


Kam Middlebrooks's email:
Reform Alliance Website:
Iowans United for Opportunity coalition
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“Diversity Straight Up” hosts Sarika Bhakta and Anthony Arrington dig into the topics of equity, diversity, inclusion and engagement (EDI&E) through authentic and challenging conversations with C-suite leaders. Expect frank questions and honest answers, and real-life lessons on how to leverage diversity as an asset, rather than see it as a liability.

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